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Now, you can get rewards for your good waste management Behaviours.
How Wastereward works


Easy 2 minute Process

Follow Rules

your waste managment behaviour will let you earn lots of rewards

Earn Points

Earn rewards point as per your Waste managment behavior & type of waste.

Redeem & Enjoy

Redeem Waste points at any nearby authorised shop & enjoy the benefits.

Why you can start with Wastereward
We reward you for your good waste management behavior.
Join us and educate yourself on proper waste management.
We ensure, that each and every waste should be managed properly by and get recycled.
we reward your good behavior.

Join the Waste Reduction Revolution with Wastereward

The type of waste currently we accept under our reward policies.
Paper Recycling Bin

Paper Waste

Pile of Garbage

Plastic Waste


Cloth Waste

Food Waste Compost

Food Waste

Wood Carvings

Wood Waste


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